Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to McRobloxian’s Junk N’ Stuff. You wont really see much Origami here, and this site is starting to become host to stories. Anyway, hope you have a decent time here.



Aw man, oh jeez

I’ve done this stuff three times before, but I think it’s time to move on from this blog.


I’ve been taking MONTHLY breaks from even going on WORDPRESS. This blog is really really dead.

I’ve had some really great times on here. I’ve been a fan of Origami Yoda for 3 years. On the 15th of June, I joined the WordPressers, which was hosted on OkayGaming. That site is now deleted, I’m not entirely sure why. I was inactive.

This blog was basically on a loop of me quitting, and then “hey guys i decided not to quit”

I think it’s time to break this loop.

I haven’t talked to most of my old friends here in months, maybe a year.

I’m not going to delete this blog. It’s not really worth it, and people can read Universe still.

I’ve also changed a bit from since I last posted in May. I loveĀ Rick and Morty now.

I’m thinking of starting a Youtube channel, though. Mainly trolling or playing on ROBLOX or something. I just need a screen recorder and notepad to get started. Link to youtube account/future channel

In case I don’t see ya, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Really Sorry


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on in so long. There hasn’t really been much going on in my life. I hope you all are well! Here are some stuff that I didn’t post about while I took a blog break:

  • Birthday on April 8th happened
  • Played Life is Strange
  • Played Mass Effect, playing Mass Effect 2

And yea. That’s it. You’re up to speed! I’m really hoping to post some Origami and even Instructions soon. In addition, I don’t really feel like continuing the Micah Files, because I don’t think anyone’s really reading it anyway. But, if you want me to continue it, I’ll be happy to. Again, really sorry that I haven’t been on in so long.